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Solution Snapshot: Magor Aerus

Huawei IMAX Presence Brings Smart Communication with Panoramic View

Huawei released a new telepresence environment called IMAX Presence with an ultra-wide panoramic display that stiches together ten 70-inch seamlessly spliced large screens. The room also appears to seat around 3-4 dozen participants. We have an email out to Huawei to get more details on the price, bandwidth requirements, but please feel free to send [...]

Glass without the glasses: Google patents smart contact lens system with a CAMERA built in

The Telepresence Options Telegraph: April 2014 – Issue #48

Behind the Scenes at AVI-SPL (The Goliath With The David Attitude)

Interop Expo Las Vegas: Emerging Video Technologies (Session Overview / Review)

Virtual reality has another ‘wow’ moment as Jaunt introduces 360-degree cinematic videos

LiftEye replaces elevator walls with synced 3D view of world outside

What if instead of staring at the walls as we rode up and down, we could look at the view from outside?

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