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Hello Folks,


I just wanted to update you all on a few upcoming changes.


1.) We are currently enlisting some outside aid for revamping the website’s “look and feel” as well as the backend.  The work will be an actual active paying project, so if you have some cycles please free to drop us a line privately to inquire about the opportunity.


2.) We will be making some changes to the forums section and specifically removing many of the sections there.  The goal will be to get away from a site where we sell anything and do more promotion of products based on actual review or partnership assessments with other organizations who are vendor neutral.  Additionally we are going to aim to be more focused on instructional content as opposed to doing anything selling any product of any kind.  With that in mind, we’ll be transitioning the forums away from a classifieds mentality and more to a “I need some help” intent.  Also we will be enforcing very long bans for those who do not follow the rules of a forum when these changes are made, so please behave.


3.) We are also currently working on articles and would love to hear feedback about the type of articles you want to see.  For the short term our aim is focus on a non-partial review of products and specific “how to” tutorials in either a video or article format.  Stay tuned for more and drop us your feedback!!!



Ok that’s it, please stay tuned for more information.


Upcoming forum changes currently scheduled for 09/01/2017.

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About the Author: 15+ year veteran who has dabbled in video technologies going back to 2001 starting as a bridge operator and now working as a full scale UC Engineer. Experienced in both commercial and government deployments with a fierce passion for greatness as well as a low mood for politics.

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