NEW Changes are ACTIVE!!!

Hello everyone!


The new forum changes are active finally.  Let the trumpets rejoice and all the other jumbo that goes with it.  A few things:

– There is no more selling allowed.  The only sort of solicitation we are going to allow from now on are advertisements (more on that later), and job postings as long as it is done in the appropriate forum.  I’m going to implement a three strike rule for this, so on the third strike I will start using my ban-stick.


-The forum’s focus has been brought more in-line with today’s modern Unified Communications (UC) environment.  Like it or not, even as a video professional you are going to have to learn about things such as VoIP, directory services, certificates, and many many other things.  Don’t worry, we will hold your hand as much as you can tolerate.


-Almost against my better judgement, I have brought a new section online: Security.  Its important to understand this concept in today’s solution however I must warn EVERYONE against posting anything that remotely looks classified by a government’s security organization.  Repeat offenders will be banned and content will be removed immediately to prevent any kind of spillage.  If you have any concerns over something, follow the golden rule: do not post it.

Other than that, i’m looking forward to being able to concentrate on content again and hopefully bring our new video section online.

By the way, i’m still looking for a designer to overhaul this 1990’s look & feel.

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About the Author: 15+ year veteran who has dabbled in video technologies going back to 2001 starting as a bridge operator and now working as a full scale UC Engineer. Experienced in both commercial and government deployments with a fierce passion for greatness as well as a low mood for politics.

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