Updates – 14 SEP 2017

Hello folks,

I just wanted to update you all on some things we have pending.  I know there has a been a few crickets chirping but we’ve had A LOT in the works on the backside of things, so let’s catch you all up on them:

  1. We have been working on a brand new design using WordPress services.  It is almost done however it will not be ready for migration until probably the October or November time frame.  We will be migrating from one provider to another but hopefully we shouldn’t lose any of the forums data, or at least that is what we are concerned about keeping the most.  Aside from updating DNS providers I think we’ll be in good shape for a very easy transition.  More to follow when that change will occur.
  2. Overall we’ve had a very good job with folks obeying the new rules about “no selling” in our forums.  I’ve had a few occurrences however they seem to be the exception and not the rule.  Great work folks, keep it up!
  3. In the new design, its our goal to start hosting something of a contract forum.  The idea is to provide a premium service for folks who may do independent work as consultants, or may want to work for us directly as we take on contracts.  This will be a very new area that VTCTalk plans to expand into as the future rolls on but the gist is that if you are looking for extra money, come work *with* us and get your name out there, part or short-term only more than likely.
  4. TRAINING!!!  We are big on it and love it to death.  We’ve procured some commercial grade software to start ramping out training videos over a variety of topics.  The idea is to host our own content when the new website breaks open providing videos for everyone, paying or not.  There is no intention to only provide certain videos for subscription folks, we believe that if you have the time to listen, then you deserve the latest and greatest we can afford to produce.  Hopefully as time rolls on, we can convince vendors to “lend” us their items to produce this content over and really bring out “why” their product passes or fails.

That’s it folks, hope you stay tuned in.  Lots of stuff coming as the end of the year rolls around.  I’ll do my best to keep you all updated in-between these changes.

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About the Author: 15+ year veteran who has dabbled in video technologies going back to 2001 starting as a bridge operator and now working as a full scale UC Engineer. Experienced in both commercial and government deployments with a fierce passion for greatness as well as a low mood for politics.

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