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Default MCU Codian performance

Hi all,

as we knew that MCU is server hardware like others, but especially for Cisco MCU Codian, maybe litle different.

anyone know what are factors which influence MCU performance (beside network factors) ?

because sometimes MCU get some problems like :

1. slow response (as example we too slow to open webconsole )

2. cause packetloss in each connection (per ports), but conference still can running.

3. and in some cases make mcu get down (hang)

i try to assume that all of it because networks, then i try to make some environment :

1. peer-to-peer connection LAN only between my laptop and MCU

2. LAN use Switch Gigabit and connected only my laptop and MCU

3. also i don't forget to try change ethernet setting in MCU adapted with environment

4. also i make sure there is no packetloss within networks if i use point-to-point between 2 endpoints

BUT after i try all of it, mcu still problem like that

maybe this is hardware issue, but i want to know more, because in my company this problems occured in many cases in customers (more than 4 cases).

also i make sure that the environment (like datacenter, power, temperature is going alright too, but who knows ??).

please help.
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The best thing to do is open a support case. TAC will then instruct you how to get the correct log files to help find out what is causing these issues.

I think it's fair to say that the things you have described are not common (well, I use those MCUs every day and I've never seen them...).

Peter Moodie
Collaboration Technology Group
Cisco Systems

The opinions expressed in this forum are my own views and not those of Cisco.
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I have seen problems when people have enable a lot of logging/debugging on their Codian boxes. The result was exactly as you described.

Make sure that the Capture filter setting are reset back to default.

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