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Old 01-08-2010   #11
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Originally Posted by John-James Worrall View Post
For the time being to get the unit restored, just go to our website : www.aethracommunications.com to get the latest version of the software. The time limitation is for actual use, so if you use the system for two hours, then the next time you switch it on you will have ten hours remaining, for example.

Let me know when you have restored the unit and I will provide you with a link to ftp a version of software that does not require activation.

In regards to control, once the unit is restored, you will be able to use the Remote or the Web to control the unit. Using the Remote and on-screen GUI, the admin password for the installation menu is "1234".

If you wish to set up via th Web interface, tap the IP address of the system in to your IE address bar. The unit will ask for a Username "Aethra" (this is case sensitive) and password "1234"

Good luck and have a good weekend.
Many many Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next few days I will reset and upgrade the system in accordance with your instructions. Now I do not have the right connestion cable, I just asked to borrow a colleague.
I'll know if everything went well.

I do not know how to thank you for the help ...

... Long live to Aethra
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Default Board Error - please use appropriate software for this board

Hi Jhon James.
I finally found the cable connection and I formatted the flash.
Now I have a new problem: I can not load the software and I get the error message that read in the title. The link to download the software I used is this: http://www.aethracommunications.com/...1.10_S3_S4.exe

have you a solution? ...
Thanks in advance
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Thanks for sharing great stuff mate.
much appreciated.
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Old 10-25-2010   #14
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Originally Posted by cricca View Post
I finally found the cable connection and I formatted the flash.
Hi all,
I also have one prob with one Vega X3 unit. i need to reformat the flashROM, but i don't have the data cable... i can build one but i don't know the right pin's assigment on the mini-DIN side. Can somebody help me to build one?
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Default Aethra X3

Hello ! i have a problem with my X3 , i need soft ver. 10 for my Vega X3 . can somebody tell me , where i can get it ? official website of Aethra is not working anymore.
please advise me something .
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Old 05-12-2017   #16
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Default aethra vega x3 firmware

can someone help me with aethra vega x3 firmware?
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Default Firmware - Not much good without activation code

I never had an X3, but I did have later models. I have the firmware for an X5, but it isn't going to be much good to you without an activtion code.
The last time I had an activation code was shortly after Aethra failed, and RadVision (I think) took over much of their intelectual property, and that was years ago.
Sorry for not offering some hope...
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