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Default Unable to receive content on Tandberg

I have a Tandberg 6000 MXP on my secure ISDN line. Over the last couple of years more and more sites that I deal with are upgrading to the newer Polycoms that send out two video streams. If the host site is pushing content when I first dial in I see the content for about 10-15 seconds and then it goes away and all I get is the camera video. If I can get them to push only the content we can see it. My system is about 7 years old and I don't have access to the internet to get updates. Is this a setting problem? Is there a way to download the update/s needed to make the system work? Or should I get the boss to buy me a new system?
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Hello buttnerd,
Can you provide more info...
1/ Have you verified that you have the dual video option enabled on your system?
2/ Can you receive content from other Tandberg/Cisco systems?
3/ Have you verified that the other sites are sending content as H.239, not the old "people & content" that Polycom used?
4/ Have you reviewed the log on your endpoint to see, why the content gets dropped?
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buttnerd - Has only 10 Tech Points

1- I could not find the option to enable the dual video option. The Tandberg was purchased 6-8 years ago and has not been on a network to upgrade the software.
2- I can receive content of Tandberg, I don't know if I've ever been on line with a Cisco, I don't normally ask about Cisco.
3- H.239 is enabled at my end however the one location I think I can probably get an answer from is out of the office for the holidays.
4- I can't find the endpoint log, any idea how I might be able to bring that up?

Another issue this is a secure system using KIV7 and an Adtran. Another person I've been speaking with wondered if this is an Adtran issue not a Tandberg issue?

I appreciate any help you can give me.

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