Interactive real time telemedicine

Interactive telemedicine  is one of the three main types of telemedicine and is the most common form. It utilizes real time remote sessions via video conferencing equipment between health care provider and patient, or between health care provider and another specialist Рor multiple parties and groups.

The live transmission of image and voice of two partners has often been regarded as a key necessity for telemedicine
consultations. In reality, the importance of video conferencing is depending on the specific
type of telemedicine.

While video conferencing is ideal for a tele-psychiatry consultation, video
conferencing technology have never been widely used e.g. in Pathology. One often overlooked
limitation of video conferencing is that the consultation must necessarily be held in real-time
with all partners sitting together at the same time. With busy schedules of modern medical work
the planning of appointments with all partners can be difficult, especially if some partners are
not located in the same timezone. Additionally, the life use of technology makes the application
also prone to technical problems. Technical problems at one partners side tend to block everyone

The use of interactive telemedicine can span into many different areas including: consultations, surgery, diagnosis.

Uses can anything from a simple diagnosis to remote speech language where a specialist can …

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